How to Solve captchas and Anti-bots

Captchas and Anti-bots are tests made to differentiate humans from computers and prevent against spans. Such tests will always be present on the sites of faucets and many people do not know how to solve them. That’s why this tutorial was done.

I want you to know that I did not put all the types, but I put the most common ones that are the basis for other captchas and Anti-bots. When they are not the same as below, they will look alike, so learn with the tutorial and solve any tests that appear on the faucets.


1- Recaptcha:

The captchas of recaptcha are most used for their ease. To solve them it is enough that:

1- Select the check box.

2- Click the images that fit the text. In the case next to the one must mark the miniatures of cars.

3- Click confirm!

• Variations: The recaptcha always follows the same style, only what can change is to ask you to select the images that are disappearing and being replaced.






2- Solver Media:

“Solve media” captchas are also commonly used in faucets. Simple, but can get difficult in a variation.

1- Write the same text that is drawn, it does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters!

• Variations: When it varies, the captcha can hinder the image with scratches and deformations in the letters or leave the text stirring.



3- Geetest:

This type of captcha is also becoming common, easy to use and fast to be solved.

1- Drag the ball remaining on the bar until the jigsaw puzzle piece is in the correct position.

2- When the image disappears, click on the button behind the captcha image.

• Variations: The captcha always follows the same model, the only thing that varies is to change the piece of puzzle for a small image.






For this style of anti-bot you should:

1- Select the images in the same order as the text above them, but note that some numbers replace letters.

2- Click on the confirmation button.




For this style of anti-bot you should:

1- Click on the links that match the text above the links.

Variations: this type of anti-bot is the one that varies more, being able to ask for numbers, Roman numerals, letters and even images as is the case below.




This is one of the variations of the anti-bot above, to solve it you should:

1- Select the images in the same order as asking for the text above them.





For this style of anti-bot you should:

1- Search the red link for the site and click on it.

2-After clicking the first look for the second, the third until all add up. These links can appear anywhere on the site.



For this style of anti-bot you should:

1-Click the links in the same order that asks for the text above them.